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Thread: Spotted: Bunch of Ferraris, Enzo, Mc12

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    Originally posted by you&me

    The FXX also lost about 300lbs over the Enzo... I don't think the ZR car lost any weight... may have actually gained.
    Edo website

    Power increase 170 hp contains new steel cylinder and piston 6.3 l (same like FXX ), new camshafts, new Titan valve springs, new Titan connecting rods, new oil cooling piston pipes, new exhaust manifolds, sport catalytic stainless, sport catalytic converter, sport air filter, air-ram system, fuel cooling system, new clutch, all bearings new, new oil pump, new gaskets, and dyno running with all work
    Sport catalytic converter stainless with two level switch controlled sound system, new tail pipes in carbon. Volume of the exhaust per button push adjustable
    Ceramic sports break system with 396 mm brake disc front and 360 mm brake disc rear, special brake pads in front and rear
    Wheels can be painted in different designs
    Tyre-air-pressure control system shows pressure and temperature per wheel
    Design modification outside for example complete different colour
    Independently adjustable dumping technology rebound and compression dumping like FIA GT MC12
    Air-in-take from carbon
    Weight reducing program 100 kg!!
    New Racing wheels front 10 x 19 with 265/35 ZR 19 Michelin, rear 13 x 20 with 335/30 ZR 20 Michelin

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    Where the hell are these people getting their money?! Recession, bah!

    Nice Ferraris though

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    Zahir's Enzo is tested by MotorTrendin Germany:

    0-60: 3.0 seconds
    840 hp
    575 lb-ft of torque
    Plans to take it over 240mph

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