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    Default Vehicle Inspections and Insurance

    Anyone have any information or experience getting special interest vehicles inspected and insured?

    I have some questions about having a VIN assigned, what kind of modifications I can do and still pass inspections, and what other hoops I'm going to have to jump through to get it inspected and insured (ie: If I'm having a new VIN assigned, do I still need an out of province inspection as well?)

    I'm planning on some fairly extensive modifications to the chassis of my '56 Olds, but I want to make sure I can get it on the road once I'm done.
    I've heard horror stories about guys who've had the sell their cars because they couldn't pass inspection on account of having boxed or notched frames, etc.

    I've called a couple places, including the DOT, but no one really seems to have a fucking clue what they're talking about, so I'd appreciate some insight. The DOT has clear legislation regarding what every square fucking inch of your headlight should look like from every fucking direction, but on major, irreversible, structural modifications, they're a little vague.

    How hard am I likely to get reemed by my insurance company when it comes time to insure a car who's frame, engine, and transmission have all been heavily modified/replaced?

    Any experiences are welcome.

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    don't the headlights have to say DOT on them for it to pass regardless of how they look.

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    ^ lol

    Can't comment on the registration, but I've heard from people at Cooperators that the insurance will vary based on whether you have another vehicle listed as your primary car. They don't necessarily charge much if it's obvious that the modded car is rarely driven compared to your daily driver.

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