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Thread: Lease coming to an end.

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    Default Lease coming to an end.


    Quick question. My lease expires at the end of January, it has been a 1 year term (i resigned a second time, so I actually will have been here for 2 years by then). Anyways, my question is, when the lease ends, can I just move out, or do I still have to give them 3 month notice that I will be moving out at the end of my lease?

    Last year they said that after the lease ends I can go month to month, but I decided to resign so that they wouldn't jack the prices (I got a good deal at the Chocolate condo). If I decide to stay past my lease term and do go month to month....would I at that point require a 90 day notice as well? I am thinking if I do have to stay it would be for a month or two at most and don't want to be commited automatically for 3 month just because of the notice requirement.


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    When your lease is up, it's up. You no longer live there.

    It would be courtious of you to give a month notice, but you don't have to.

    Does your lease agreement state that you must give 3 months notice?

    If you already know you're leaving, in 3 months (or whenever that point is) just give them the notice then?

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