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Thread: Where to get slider buns in Calgary? (for homeade White Castle)

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    Default Where to get slider buns in Calgary? (for homeade White Castle)

    does anyone know where I can get slider buns (about 2"x2" or so) in calgary? i've been hardcore craving some sliders like i used to eat as a kid, and i've found a clone recipe from the book "top secret recipes," but i don't know where to get the buns!

    For those silly canadians who are totally oblivious to the awesomeness of White Castle sliders, feast your fucking eyes on this (and those are the type of buns i need):

    here is the recipe from Top Secret Recipes, if anyone cares:

    White Castle Hamburgers
    Source: Top Secret Recipes

    1 pound ground beef
    8 hot-dog or 16 hamburger buns
    1/2 medium onion
    salt to taste
    pepper to taste
    American cheese(optional)
    Pickle slices (optional)

    Prepare the beef ahead of time by separating into sixteen 1-ounce portions and flattening each on wax paper into a very thing square patty, about 2 1/2 inches square. Using a small circular object, like the tip of a pen cap, make five small, evenly spaced holes in each patty. Freeze the patties, still on the wax paper, until you’re ready to cook.

    If using hot dog buns, cut off the ends, and then cut each bun in half to make 2 buns from each. If using hamburger buns, cut each down to about a 2 1/2 inch square.

    Slice the onion into match-size pieces.

    Grill the faces of the buns in a large pan over medium-high heat.

    In the hot pan, spread out tablespoon-size piles of onions 3 inches apart. Salt and pepper each pile of onions.

    On each pile of onions, place a frozen beef patty. Your may have to spread the onions out some so that the hamburger lies flat. Salt each patty as it cooks.

    Cook each burger for 4 to 5 minutes on the onions. If you made the burgers thin enough, the holes will ensure that each patty is cooked through without flipping them over.

    Assemble by sandwiching the patty and onions between each grilled onions.

    If you want to add pickle slices to your burger, as you can at White castle outlets, stack them on top of the grilled onions.

    For a cheeseburger, you'll have to cut a slice of American cheese to the same size as your burger, and then it goes on top of the onions, under the pickles, if you use pickles.

    16 burgers


    * 1 lb lean beef
    * 16 dinner rolls
    * 1/2 small onion, minced
    * salt
    * pepper
    * 16 slices American cheese


    1. Separate the beef into 16 1 oz portions.
    2. On wax paper, form the portions into square, very thin 2.5" patties.
    3. Poke 5 holes in each patties with a circular object such as a straw.
    4. Freeze the patties until firm.
    5. Toast the faces of the dinner rolls, either in a hot frying pan or under the broiler In a hot frying pan or skillet, preheated to medium heat, arrange tablespoon sized piles of onions 3 inches apart.
    6. Salt and Pepper each pile.
    7. Spread the onions flat and place a frozen patty on each pile.
    8. Salt each patty.
    9. Cook each patty for 4-6 minutes, steam from the onions should cook each burger without having to flip it.
    10. Turn the bottom half of the bun onto the patty.
    11. Hold it down as you scoop a spatula under the onions, turn the sandwich over onto a plate Cut the American cheese into 2" portions and place on the onions and patty.
    12. Replace the top of the roll.
    13. Serve hot.

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    I buy safeway dinner rolls/tray buns and steam them, they aren't the same but they do the trick.

    Safeway used to have something called butter buns they were the tray buns you have to pull apart but they are very moist

    Have you used the copykat or top secret recipe before?
    They are quite the same but they are fun to make.
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    I had the kobe beef sliders at Milestones last week....I think these would be great for a get together. Easy to grill up.

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