I need some opinions and some honest advice with this situation that I'm in. To make a long story short, moved out to London earlier this year on expat status on a two- three year contract. There was a reorg over the summer and now the new boss says that he doesn't want to continue paying the expat status since the company is cutting down on G&A cuz of the "tough" times... blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, there are a few options that I could do, but WWYD if you were in this situation:

1) Fight for the expat status cuz a contract is a contract.

2) Find a perm position here and live like a pauper, and try to experience the European life for another year or two before heading back to North America.

3) Sounds like there will be reorg with the North American counterpart, should I move back now? I could wait until after the reorg, but wouldn't be too sure what kinda jobs will be offered out there.

4) Start up a side business with acouple of friends out here and live like a pauper.

5) Say screw it and put everything in storage and backpack Europe for a few months and then move back to North America.

There is no "deadline" per se as to when this contract will terminate, but so much is going through my mind right now, having some outsiders perspective would help, oh and to put another twist to the situation, the wife and I are starting a family.