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Thread: KA24E front seal / crank pulley seal leak?

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    Default KA24E front seal / crank pulley seal leak?


    I've got a pretty bad oil leak on the passenger side of the engine in my valiant stanza. The oil travels from the area of the crank pulley up the belts and sprays all over the alternator and the underside of the hood. I go through a litre every 1000k or so.

    I'm going to wipe down the engine and belts to try and see where it's coming from, but failing that is there another way to see which hole is spewing oil? I'm pretty sure I can change the pulley seal but the front seal sounds like a pain in the ass and I don't want to do it if I don't have to.

    Also, I read on nico that you can loosen the pulley bolt by sticking a breaker bar on it, resting the handle on the ground and cranking the engine. Has anyone tried that, and did their car explode into a fine mist of doodoo when they did?

    I've attached a picture of the greasy mess for your consideration.
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    Just use a big electric impact.

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    yeah that's how i usually get the crank pulley bolt off on FF cars. breaker bar on the bolt, rest the bar against the control arm or the ground. and give her a quick crank (make sure your ignition coil is unplugged, you don't want the engine to all of a sudden start and for the crank pulley to fly off) breaks her right loose. considering the large difference in gear ratio from starter motor to flywheel, it's nothing to the starter motor in terms of load. and it's an electrical motor, so it has tons of torque anyways.

    you will probably need a simple 2 jaw puller for the pulley after the bolt is broken loose. take a flathead screw driver and carefully pry the seal from the inside out, careful not to score the aluminum seal seat or crankshaft. clean up the seating area, make sure the dowel pin on the crankshaft is nice and snug in the crankshaft (i had the damn dowel fall off behind a brand new seal, and had to remove the seal agan AKA-destroying a braand new seal to get the dowel out from behind it). Place new seal on flush, and use a piece of wood or something suitable and tap with hammer until seal is flush with the cover.
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