Selling off alot of extras *moving yet again*

*if you need to see pics just pm me with your email ill send some to ya

-AM/fm Clock radio Alarm for sale $5.00 *reason sellin I use my cell most of the time* plus no room *has been very reailable

Art Stuff has to be sold all together sorry.
-(2) Sketch Books Plain I may have yet another sketch book as well.
12 Graphic designer quality Graphite Pencils
12 Mars Lumograph Sketching Pencils F-8B
A book on How to draw Animals this is one of the better books out there. I've had this book since I was 15 years old
Im selling all my drawing stuff for $75.00

-150W Power Inverter Targus for Auto & airplane *new* sealed never used $125.00 firm
Has USB port as well

-Power Inverter for car wih fan $45.00 just the plug in 1 used on 1 trip to BC

-Dual Band Wireless N USB network Adapter N ultra Linksys *used once* sold PC & never used again CD I cant find it but you can download off Linksys website
I would like to get $75.00 for it as its sitting in the box if need be ill download the software for yu & put on a cd

-PC Game Crysis Warhead $20.00 (has multiplayer also)

-Teddy hammock you can hang you plushes up on the ceiling in a hammock never used $25.00

-Windows XP pro OS Software $80.00 Original CD & key

-Timber head made by Lion of the sun no taxidery eyes $400.00 will fit anyone as it has an adjustable band in the back

-(2) Micro SD Adapters both $15.00 they cost $40.00 each at a cell phone store.

-Toy Chest with Light Installed inside $100.00

-Buffy The Vampire Slayer Complete season 1-7 all original DVDS
New in store costs $239+ tax
Im selling mine for $100.00 firm

-Black Fleece Poncho Never worn $40.00 warm fits up to XL

-Nice Warm Winter Coat Green mens Size Small (green) I paid $600 last year im selling for $200.00 just because I have to many coats its downfilled also so its warm

-Bear suit with real bear hide has a pic of Squski on it real bear hide $45.00 firm takes it will fit anyone up to 5'9 or a bit taller (streches)

-halloween Skeleton prop $550.00 Im willing to go a bit lower

(6) Drawer Dresser Cherry Color & black

They dont make these anymore from ikea im moving so im selling most of my stuff as i dont want to take with me. $125.00

-Will have some more hobbies & craft stuff for sale too ribbons , paint, jars , all sorts of stuff currently going through it now (will let people know what i have & will post a pic with pricing)

-I also will be selling soon my Apple Ipod its a 8gig one *reason im going smaller ipod* it will come with some music left on it also all cables stuff like that.

-Also will be selling my camera soon too a digital *this is a month from now*

************************************************** ****
Eventally Also my mom wil have some brand new Frames for sale & bedsheets.
-Will eventally have a bed Twin bed with frame & mattress for sale too

PM me if interested more to come

You can call me at 403-771-3263 as well