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    Default Self-employment Health Benefits

    Not sure if this is the right location but the employment forum seems to be mostly for looking for work.

    I am self-employed at the moment and my wife owns her own small company. We are in need of some health & dental benefits and I just wanted to get some feedback from those out there who are self-employed on various benefit providers.

    I know that AB Blue Cross won't provide coverage for any existing condition, which makes it useless for us. I realize that we'll likely pay a premium for coverage of existing conditions (no diseases, just past physical injuries requiring meds and treatment).

    Who are you with and what do you like/don't like? Recommendations?

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    I just went over all this with Blue Cross. There are two types of extended coverage with them. "Non Group" is $84 a month for a family and WILL cover pre-existing conditions.(Ie: Asthma, diabetes etc) But it doesn't have dental or eye coverage. Also, it has a smaller list of acceptable drugs that they will cover for perscriptions. Their other plans are more expensive and are designed for small companies. You can get plan A, B, or C. But those will NOT cover pre-existing. But do have dental and eye coverage. The Non Group benefits are administered by Blue Cross but is actually part of Alberta Health and seperate from the actual Blue Cross company. I know...crazy to understand. My sister works for ABC.
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