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    So here's the deal. I accidentally ordered too many of these prints or my publisher screwd up and sent me too many so I have a handful for sale. Three people on beyond have already grabbed the first few. I have 5 right now for sale. I am selling these for $100 OBO. The print is 24"x36" in size so it is fairly large to say the least.

    To say the least this is some very original art work. The photograph was taken by myself personally. The picture is of the volcano, mt haleakala, in Maui during sunrise. The photo is printed on professional Kodak Endura Metallic paper which gives the photos an amazing look with deep color saturation. To say the least it will look amazing on your wall as it does mine.

    The frame is not included, this is just the cost for the print. The frames can be had at michael's and they are fairly inexpensive as the pre-made frames they have will fit the print just about perfectly. If interested please pm me.

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    I'd like one. When can we meet up?

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