Hi all

Spring cleaning is on!! We are continuing to reduce our body kit inventory to make more space. Here is a list of body kits and carbon fiber hoods that we are blowing out for WRX, Eclipse & Talon and Lancer!! If u are interest in any of the items please PM me an offer - any reasonable offer will not be refuse!! No better time to save $$!!

Subaru WRX
02-03 WRX Tracer Full 4pc Lip Kit
02-03 WRX WingsWest W-Typ 6pc Full Lip Kit
02-03 WRX Seibon CW-II Carbon Hood
02-07 WRX/STi WingsWest Rally Spoiler
04-05 WRX/STi Seibon CW-II Carbon Hood
06-07 WRX/STi VIS Z-Sport Front Bumper

Mitsubishi Eclipse & Lancer; Eagle Talon
90-91 Eclipse/Talon Drift Front Bumper
90-91 Eclipse/Talon VIS OEM Carbon Hood
92-94 Eclipse/Talon Drift Front Bumper
90-94 Eclipse/Talon Striker Side SKirts

95-96 Eclipse/Talon Battle Z Front Bumper
97-99 Eclipse/Talon WingsWest Aggrssor Front Bumper + Side Skirts & Door Panel
97-99 Eclipse/Talon TSC Front Bumper
95-99 Eclipse/Talon Battle Z Side Skirts
95-99 Eclipse/Talon Battle Z Rear Bumper
95-99 Eclipse/Talon RD Rear Bumper
95-99 Eclipse/Talon GTR Spoiler

00-04 Eclipse Battle Z 4pc Full Kit
00-04 Eclipse Ballistix Front Bumper
00-04 Eclipse OEM Carbon Hood
00-04 Eclipse EVO Carbon Hood

04-06 Lancer Walker Front Bumper
04-06 Lancer Walker Rear Bumper

Thank you for shopping @ speedtech

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