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Thread: Bloc and NDP delay new Conservative pardon legislation.

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    Default Bloc and NDP delay new Conservative pardon legislation.


    Anyone know the Libs stand on this?

    EDIT: As of time of post, cbc.ca doesn't have the story.
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    As usual, it's just a bunch of posturing & hot air on the part of the opposition.


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    As usual, only the opposition is to blame (and curse Macleans and the CBC for pointing out the obvious):

    Last night, CTV reported that it has “learned” Karla Homolka will be eligible for a pardon this July and, according to its sources, she is likely to apply for one.

    As noted previously, this apparent revelation has been a matter of public record for five years.

    Alas, not until this past April did Mr. Harper’s government decide this was a cause for concern. And not until May did his government introduce legislation to deal with the issue. And so now today, with the House set to adjourn tomorrow, his government is apparently quite concerned that legislation might not pass the House in time.

    Far be it from me to play armchair government house leader, but this whole ridiculous last-minute standoff could have been averted had said government not taken nearly a month to bring the bill in question forward for second reading, and then left the debate hanging for a week while it fussed and fiddled over the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Implementation Act.

    The bill could have been back from committee by now, and well on its way through the Senate - that is, unless it really is more contentious and complicated than those demanding that it be passed with virtually no parliamentary scrutiny would have us believe, in which case it's a wee bit disingenuous to pretend that this is just pointless opposition obstructionism.

    Damn that opposition for slowing things down!

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    Oh goody...question now is will the bill get delayed as it passes through the senate? Senator Jacques Demers can't read, so it might take a while for somebody to read it aloud to him.

    Very thoughtful of the PM to appoint an illiterate senator to remind us all that literacy is still a problem in Canada!

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