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Thread: FS: Nexus One $255 (non-functioning screen)

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    Default FS: Nexus One $255 (non-functioning screen)

    Price(Currency): $255 shipped
    Included: All OEM accesories and box
    Unlocked: Factory Unlocked
    Used/Tested Networks: Rogers
    LifeTimer: Resetable
    Condition: See Notes

    Location: Medicine Hat
    Shipping: Canada Wide (included)
    Payment: Paypal or EMT

    PM me


    Here is the deal....The girlfriend broke the screen on this so i replaced it. I got a replacement screen for it and installed it.

    Turns out the screen was not OEM as the seller claimed. The phone powers up and everything works 100% except the touch portion of the screen. A new replacement needs to be ordered or it sent away to HTC to be replaced for $125. In the process i also removed the dock charging pins to aid in better sound to the mic (good for speaker phone apperantly, have not tested). This doesnt effect anything for normal operation, just a dock cannot be used. (MiniUSB still functions 100%)

    She figures she wants to get a new phone anyways (iphone 4 over my dead body) we decided to just sell it.

    It has Enomthers 2.9.2 Rom installed with Clockworks recovery installed. Its rooted as well.

    The phone works great otherwise and thier are no issues. Just that the top portion of the touchscreen doesnt function.

    So if someone wants a cheap N1 or needs some spare parts, this is for you!

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    Phone is sold. Mods please close

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