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    Default My 1980 Camaro z28

    Bought a z28 for cheap, needs a LOT of work, I know. Bought it not running, got it running, but found issues.

    Start with pictures

    The "Darkened light" shot where the car looks slightly better.
    The reality, full rebuild of car

    Screw coolant, car runs of vicks

    The last picture I've taken of the engine, but everything it reattached.

    Currently replaced the camshaft, a few of the lobes were rounded out. Got a few good deals and put on 2.02 heads, lifters, roller rockers, camshaft. Getting new headers this week and a new exhaust system.
    I know I should rebuild the bottom end but I want to drive this car this year before it's over. then everything

    Things to do:
    Bottom end work/full rebuild
    New Carb
    New floor pans
    New rear quarter panels
    New interior

    Fun car for now.

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    Nice. Had a 1979 Z with the same auto and black exterior/red interior, but t-tops.
    Best things I did to that car were:

    Cams and intake
    4.56 gears
    PST poly kit and sways
    Brake pads, and lines

    Have fun, mine was an absolute blast.

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    So, don't use my old account, but that's mah car. A little update now that i have a garage (after 2 years...)

    How the interior sat just a couple hours ago. I was determining the condition of the floorboards

    The awesome underlay..

    Sorry, picture taken with a potato. Very rusty..

    Not so bad, but still just as bad.

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