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    Default Roofer Recommendations

    Looking to have my roof replaced, instead of picking a company randomly from the phonebook I thought I would ask beyond for any recommendations.


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    Eric at the Roof Hospital.

    I picked him just cruising the BBB pages, and this guy was fantastic. He ended up doing my parents house too.

    My story:

    I was buying a house last summer, the home inspector said the roof had 5 years left in it. Ok fine.

    I had environmental testers come out because of a toxic mold fiasco at a previous place that has convinced me it was worth it, and sure enough, they found moisture upstairs from a leak in the roof.

    I had one day before my already extended window to close conditions was done, and Eric came out at like 8pm after working over 12 hours to check it out. He went up on the roof and took pictures, and then into the attic (where the home inspector had also gone) and showed me pictures of extensive water damage. I was so impressed I decided to give him my business, and his price was actually really decent, and his crew left my yard spotless every day and did a fantastic job.
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    I need references for roofers that installs lite roof tiles:

    So far my list of candidates for quotes are:

    Lite Tile Roofing

    So more recommendation better.

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    I can have your roof done for you as well, PM me for a quote if your seriously interested... we have done hundreds of roof's in Calgary, and I go up against Eric's quotes all the time. I'll have a better product, using better materials for a similar price. There's a one month waiting list for our roofs, so let me know soon so I can get it done for you this year. I don't believe in re-roofing in the winter. I know when my guys are cold and miserable the quality of the work suffers. All the other roofers in Calgary go year round.

    I'll come in with hundreds of references and do a similar presentation like Eric does so you and your wife can make a comfortable / informed decision.

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