Winter is coming, I am trying to be a bit pro-active and get my winter wheels/tires setup nice and early this year. As part of that I was hoping to make a trip down to pick n pull to pick up some steel wheels for the touring this weekend. Given that brand new steelies are over $50/each I was hoping to find something at a wrecker that will fit since 15" wheels there are dirt cheap.

Given pick n pull's selection I would be looking for something 2002 or older that I can take the wheels from. After doing some googling and searching on tirerack it seems like the steelies from a late 90's Dodge Grand Caravan will fit. It would appear they are 5x114 with a 35 or 38mm offset, however the only thing I can't figure out is what the center bore is.

Does anybody know if the wheels from a late 90's dodge grand caravan will fit my 2010 elantra touring, and if not, what another good donor vehicle, 2002 or older, would be? I would be putting on 195 width tires (195/65/15) so I don't need really wide rims.

The specs (from tire rack) for my car are 5x114 with 40mm offset, but I don't know the center bore.