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Thread: 2006 Acura RSX Heater Problem

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    Default 2006 Acura RSX Heater Problem

    I have a friend with a 2006 RSX premium that seems to be having problems with the heater blower motor. When the heater control units are at a low setting everything works fine, but when you turn it up to anywhere in the top 3/4 power something starts making a whiny rattling sound, and the actual amount of air moving through the vents is reduced dramatically.

    We want to get this done in a day (yes I know I will most likely have to take apart a large portion of the dash and it will be time consuming). I wanted peoples opinions on what parts to order. I figure we just need the blower motor, but don't want to pull everything apart and be short parts. I would suggest replacing everything, but my friend wants to keep it affordable which means not replacing everything.

    Lastly does anyone have access to an on line how to do for the heater unit on an RSX? I googled quickly and didn't see much. I am very familiar with older Honda's such as ef's eg's ek's and dc2's but and not really familiar with DC5's I don't think it would be hard to figure out, but I don't want to waste time figuring it out if I don't have to.


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    If it works at all speeds but decreases at higher speeds, check the blend door if it has one. I used to always have to take apart the dash on any problem like that, and it was always something stuck in the vents, or if it was a Ford product it would be a blend door stuck lol.

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