With event 2 wrapped up, VEX Performance came out in force winning 2 out of the 3 classes, showing everyone that they are in the business of winning. With the competition stepping up in every class and driver turn out going up every event, this is proving to be one of the most promising seasons of rallycross. Rookies are starting to push the bar higher giving top drivers a serious run for there money this year.

We welcome the return of VEX Performance driver, and last years AWD winner, Johnny Summers. With the VEX rally car out for preparation for the up and coming rally season, Johnny drove a privately entered Subaru STi RA to a perfect win, taking back a few points dearly missed in the opening event. With a nearly 5 second lead over second place, Johnny is showing promise for another successful season. Mark L took second place in his second event in AWD, becoming a terrific top 3 driver. Last weeks winner Wim V. took third place, and leads the AWD rookies.

FWD was dominated once again by VEX Performance driver Orrin M., taking not only top spot but fastest time of the day in the second of two events this year. Taking his SRT 4 around the track in an astonishing time of 115.088, and leading over second place by an amazing 18 seconds of combined time, this year is shaping up in Orrins favor. Second place went to David G, who despite some minor car issues pulled a terrific second place finish! Third place went to FWD rookie Nathan R. who again, with some minor issues, pulled a classic third place win, and a first place FWD rookie win.

Gary L. took first place in RWD once again. Driving his own Privately entered corolla nearly to perfection. He took a nice large leap in the points, further showing promise of taking the RWD championship for the second year. Only 3 seconds behind, Spec R Tires driver Kyle H. is pushing hard to catch Gary L. and take away valuable points. Third place went to Voytek S. running his first event this year in a privately entered BMW.

some minor changes in the class overall scores sees Mark L taking a lead over Forest F and last years winner Martin B pushing into the top 3. RWD remains unchanged.


1.Wim V
2.Mark L
3.Forest F
1.Orrin M
2.Murray P
3.Martin B
1.Gary L
2.Kyle H
3.Paul H

Event 3 is Sunday (JAN 2 2011). With competitors stepping up to win the championship, and more and more Performance shops stepping up to support the sport, look for the top drivers to show a fresh start to the 2011 with strong performances and Rookies to continue pushing to be at the top.

We would like to thank our sponsors SPEC R Tires, VEX Performance, and also thank Ian G. for the terrific photos.