This single serve brewer makes coffee, tea or hot chocolate that's always fresh. Just pick your brewing temperature and pop in a single serving of your favourite beverage and turn it on. The best part is it doesn't require any cleaning and there's no transfer of flavour when making a coffee and then a tea.

I bought it about 5 months ago, and used it for about a month and then weened myself off coffee. I figure someone should get some use out of it instead of it sitting on my counter. It makes great coffee with K-Cups or the Included "My K-Cup" which allows you to use the grounds of your own coffee in it (although I did find the "my k-cup" to be a bit inconvenient to use)

They go for $180 at Future Shop and mine also includes the "My K-Cup" attatchment (worth $15). Selling all together for $80. Remember this is not the dinky B40, but the B60.

It is in great condition ready to use for the next person.