Event 3 of the CSCC snowcones challenge has proven to be this years best event! With FWD competitors upsetting overall times, rookies taking the lead over experienced drivers, conditions being perfect, and a smooth lot, everything played out beautifully. With two of the top competing cars out for maintenance, competitors took advantage to take an edge and try to move up in the scores. the crowds were just as big and this was promising to be a terrific event!

AWD was lead once again by Johnny Summers of VEX Performance, running a privately entered 1995 STI-RA while the VEX Rally car is being prepared for the up and coming rally season. This was also a chance to test out a newly installed suspension which appears to have worked wonders leading Johnny to his second win of two events. The race was tight with Voytek S bringing out his very rare Impulse RS, and challenging everyone to take 2nd place in his first AWD event of the season. Mark L proved again his spot in the top by taking 3rd place in AWD, edging Cam W out by just a half second! This is Cams W first season in AWD so watch out for him in the up and coming events.

With the VEX Performance SRT-4 out for suspension rebuilding FWD was left wide open and top competitors were not holding back to regain points. With just over a second seperating first and second place Murray P managed to squeeze out a solid win, and set the fastest time of the day in his 1995 honda civic. David G was out with a new set of tires and lead FWD combined times right to the very last run of the day, and taking 2nd place in his Mazda Protege. This is the second event this year where these two have competed at this high level against each other and is a match to watch to the very end. 2 seconds behind, third place went to James W. in his 90 honda civic.

RWD is the toughest class in rallycross and this is made even tougher by the strong competitors. With last years RWd winner taking the first two wins this year, event three was bet to go his way. That is until Rookie driver Spence C and his 1985 corolla changed that. Taking a nearly 4 second of combined time lead over second place. SPEC R driver kyle H took the SPEC R sponsored rally car to a dominating second place. Gary L wrapped the top 3 in his old corolla.


Mark L
Wim V
Johnny S

Murray P
Orrin M
David G


Gary L
Kyle H
Spence C

Event 4 is Sunday (JAN 16 2011). Look for the top drivers in FWD and AWD to return in there shopped backed vehicles to try and retake the lead, while current points leaders fight them off. this is becoming one of the best seasons of rallycross we've seen.

We would like to thank our sponsors SPEC R Tires, VEX Performance, and also thank Ian G. for the terrific photos.