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    Default Voting Help! Pepsi Refresh Project

    Hey everyone,

    A friend of mine has submitted an idea for the Pepsi Refresh Project and needs help with votes! You can vote once per day per idea, up until the end of the contest Feb 28th.

    "The community will benefit from this conference by directly impacting Calgary’s youth. This conference aims to inspire the youth to make a positive change in their lifestyle and life goals. By being engaged in the educational workshops and activities, participants will develop the knowledge and skills, which will provide them with confidence to take on leadership roles in their schools and within their communities. This conference intends to remain free of charge to students, enabling students from all backgrounds to attend without any barriers."

    TIA to all that take the time to vote! It is much appreciated!!

    Note: You will need to register with an email address in order to vote. This takes all of about 30 seconds at most.

    Voting Link
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