With half the season completed, its clear to see this is going to go right down to the wire! Event 4 showed the pure awesomeness of changing grip, changing lines, and altered driving styles to take wins. RWD took the fastest time of the day, FWD competition was as fierce as always and AWD was an upset that took everyone by surprise. Top three spots are ever changing at every event and new drivers are emerging at the top. The second half of the CSCC snowcone cup will go to the record books as one of the best Rallycross seasons in Calgary!

With the VEX Performance Rally car making an appearance at Event 4, it looked like this one was going to be a landslide run away. The rally car, out for some testing was suffering from a malfunctioning Center diff controller. With the lack of lock, Johnny S. still took the car to an amazing 3rd place finish. Mark L. showed near driving perfection as he took his RS25 around the track fast enough to score some serious points in second place. Event 4 brought out another rising star Marc L. who took both autocross and rallycross driving styles, and applied them to an ever changing surface. Taking his 1993 WRX to its first rallycross finish, look for him to make a future impact in the point running.

FWD was as strong as ever for event 4. This year has been one to remember with spot swapping between heats and drivers forever pushing themselves further for a taste of victory. Last events winner Murray P. laid down lots of clean runs but with changing traction couldn't push harder than 3rd place. David G. took his pin point driving style and scored himself a clean 2nd place. Ricky H. fought off the top drivers to hold onto the number one spot. With only 1.2 seconds separating 1st to 3rd place non of the drivers were not holding anything back to gather valuable points.

With RWD being the smallest class at the CSCC snowcone challenge, its defiantly the class with the biggest excitement. With the drivers using different driving styles than most its a very fun class to drive and watch! This is also the class with the top 3 drivers swapping spots almost every event. Kyle H. of SPEC R tires took not only FTD (fastest time of the day) but also took 1st place in RWD. Gary L., last years winner was fighting with decreasing grip but managed to pull a strong second place finish.
Rookie driver Spence C. took third place to round off the top 3.


Mark L
Johnny S
Wim V

Murray P
David G
Orrin M

Gary L
Kyle H
Spence C

Event 5 is Sunday (JAN 30 2011). This is the second half of the CSCC Snowcone challenge. drivers have been tweeking and looking for that edge to get them that top spot. Keep an eye on events 5-8 for the most exciting action in Calgary Rallycross!

We would like to thank our sponsors SPEC R Tires, VEX Performance, and also thank Ian G. for the terrific photos.

[size=8pt]File Photo by Ian G[/size]