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Thread: Ebay sellers & buyers I need your help!

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    Default Ebay sellers & buyers I need your help!

    Hello experienced eBay sellers & buyers!

    I am new to eBay and I am trying to sell my Nortel electronics like phone systems & base station cell sites & switched firewall accelerator.

    In other words, these things are normally $10,000 and up and I am unable to find buyers locally and im gonna try to selling them online like eBay.

    I'm about to register online with eBay and create a paypal account and i've been reading some of ebay rules but there's just so much and hopefully I can get the reader's digest from you guys instead

    Anyways, it seems like buyers or sellers are judged by there ratings and feedback and I have none.

    If I do manage to find a buyer, I would like to know what are the steps that i need to take to make sure it goes through smoothly and ways to protect myself the seller & the buyer.

    And other things like what transporting service do you guys use? UPS/ Canada post? I'm sure i've missed alot of other stuff but I would like to hear some feedback and if you got any step by step instructions or checklist/ guidelines I need to do, I would definitly apprciate it.

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    You main concern should be getting a decent rating. No one is going to even get past your username and rating. But the simple solution to this would be to purchase $.99 electronic recipies so that you could get a rating going and/or start selling some items that are found in ur house that you no longer need. T-shirts, shoes, speakers, cell phone are just to name a few. Even then you might find it hard to sell a $10,000 item so it might take some time but if you assure the buyer that they could contact you via telephone it might be a better bet.

    Make sure the money is safe(cleared) in ur paypal account before sending the item off.

    Ive always shipped with Canada Post but the most ive sent via them was a 300 dollar item. So look into other companies and make sure that you buy insurance.

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    Yeah good luck dude.. Don't you have a friend with an account? Just borrow theirs.

    Also have you done a search of Nortel completed listing on eBay (you'll need an account first)? There aren't that many over $1000 things that actually sold... Not sure if eBay might be the best thing. You might try contacting some of the telecom companies and see if they want to buy it or try to sell it for you.
    You have a couple of photos that are great... you must be very good at photoshop!

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