With weather for event 6 cooperating much better than previous events, and a track setup with a little more speed in mind, event 6 turned out to be a very fast very competitive event! Track conditions were forever changing throughout the day and towards the afternoon with the wet gravel drivers really could stretch there legs show what they had! If event 6 showed how the rest of the season is going to be, than the last 2 events are going to be spectacular!

AWD was quite the match this day with the top 6 drivers all swapping spots in the morning! Once the afternoon sun and heat hit, and the gravel came out, it was hard to beat the weight of the laser driven by first place driver Cam W. With less than 3 seconds behind Johnny S. in his VEX Performance STi, beating out Mark L. who took his RS25 to a commanding 3rd place

With FWD competition looking the best we've seen in years, it was amazing to see how close the times were for the top 6 drivers. Other than the land slide win by Orrin M. in his VEX Performance SRT-4, the times between 2nd place James V. in his civic and 3rd place David G. were less than one second! FWD is a close race this year, with top 3 overall looking to be shuffled!

RWD is one of the funnest and toughest classes to drive. These drivers show control in the toughest conditions while making it look like an artform. The class is small compared to FWD and AWD, but the competition is just as big! Gary L takes first place in his GTS racing corolla, taking it by a blistering 6 seconds! Kevin L. took 2nd place in a newer style corolla followed by SPEC R driver Kyle H.


Johnny S
Mark L
Cam W

Orrin M
David G
Murray P

Gary L
Kyle H
Spence C

Event 7 is Sunday (FEB 27 2011). With 2 events left and Overall scores being traded back and forth look for very high competition in the last 2 events, as drivers look to secure there spot on the top!

We would like to thank all our sponsors for support for all these events. Vex Performance, Spec R tires, Calgary Jazz Orchestra as well as Ian G. for the terrific photos!