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Thread: What is the best way to avoid a hangover?

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    Embrace the hangover. Let everyone know how shitty you feel. One of my best moments was throwing up so hard i farted riding shotgun through an a&w drive through screaming never again. Pretty sure the poor girl heard everything through the intercom.

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    I pretty much quit drinking for a couple years now. Not for any reason other than the fact kids and work have consumed my life to the point I don’t have time to drink. So last year, had 2 beers one night, got a huge buzz and yea, not used to drinking. Woke up to my first ever hangover, in my 40s. Never had one in my life. I feel bad for everyone I called out over the years for not wanting to do anything because they were hung over haha.

    I get them 1/2 the time when I drink now. Haven’t figured out the pattern. Sugary drinks or not, doesn’t make a difference for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schurchill39 View Post
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    Neither "hangover" or "hang over" turned up anything in the last few years and this one seemed the most relevant despite being old. That being said, I've definitely fucked up searching for threads on here before so that's entirely possible.
    Yea it wasnt a HANGOVER thread, but a drink til ya puke, thread


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