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Thread: 2011 Hyundai Elantra tops Honda Civic, best selling car in Canada

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    I did my own version of comparo and pitted against toyota/honda/hyundai/kia/subaru/mitsubishi together.

    I had broken down each class by SUV/small car/hatch/sedan.

    and just to look at the SUV class since calgary weather warrants alot of buyers in this catagory,

    I was suprised to find that the Venza and Rav 4 to be the choice in the SUV catagory.

    I take into account the 2011 JDpower realibility ranking, performence output, gas mileage per tank, consumption, cargo space both rear seats up and down, price range and even the lease rate.

    How I rate them was, if its above average it gets a +1, if its at the top of its class it gets a +2, vice versa for negative comparison amongst each other.

    Yes the Toyota Rav4/Venza stood out. Is it no wonder resells are high and imports may very well continue to attract buyer who uses my approach in selecting their vehicle of course.

    Just saying that Toyota is here to stay, others like Hyundai/kia or even ford will catch up, I dont think the new era will be dominated by any lone manufacturer anymore.

    the resell is a huge component for a large group of buyers simply because if you ran into an accident and wrote your car off 2 years later and if your not covered properly, the insurance company will pay out what its worth based on blackbook or the going resell. Thats when you will learn a very hard lesson of not buying an import just because you get a bit more for your money up front.

    people dont just buy a car and look at the specs on paper, smart buyers usually look at a 10 year span, maintenance cost, resell, reliability, etc

    Hyundai and Kia still has a question mark regarding very long term reliability.

    that is why I say the word the perceptions that import is the way to go continues to affect buyers for many more years to come.

    Did I not tell you the story that my dad who lives in Vancouver leased a Kia rio a few years back, initially it perform as expected but after 3 years, both the hp and mileage of the car suddenly dropped significantly. Go figure
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