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Thread: legal issues with modifications to the bumper bar?

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    Default legal issues with modifications to the bumper bar?

    some more legal issues... i have a friend in another country that looking at bringing back a sti bumper for a decent price...

    i have two optons how to fit it on:
    1. get a different rebar not approved in canada(can only withstand a 5km/h crash).
    2. get out the hack saw, cutting torch, and dremel and do some "modifications" to the current rebar to fit the bumper cover... which means the rebar has no strength what so ever.

    both optons are illegal in canada....
    does anyone know how much crap i can get into for doing this?
    i talked to the dealership about this. they siad if i was to get into a accident... front end. everything would probably be too smashed up to tell what i had on..

    i wonder how much shit i can get into with the cops. hid's, steering wheel, modified rebar.....

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    Most people who install frount-mount intercoolers have to hack up the bumper support to do it. I imagine that could be illegal as well, but it doesn't seem to stop anyone...

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    THis is kind of a its only illegal if you get caught type job. There's now way to tell by looking that the reinforcing bar has been cut or changed, unless you take off the bumper cover. That said, if you get into an accident you can expect A LOT more front end damage than you would with the spec rebar. your choice
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