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    I recently got a 92 6XLE Camry, used, from my dad's friend, who's also a mechanic.

    The car has been in storage for about 5 months. Whenever I accelerate I start to burn oil. It really burns a lot when I'm going uphill. It doesn't burn when I'm coasting, in park or not accelerating.

    The mechanic told me, that the car is burning oil because it was in storage for so long. He said that oil drained into the bottom of the engine and that it was just residual oil, and that after I drove the car around for 1000 miles the smoke would be gone. But I only drive it around maybe 10 miles a day, so 1000 miles is like 3-4 months.

    So is what he said true? If a car is inactive will the oil pool? and if that is true, is there any way to drain it without having to drive around and burn it out? I really hate to drive my car around with the smoke coming out.

    Another problem I have is with the ignition key. Once the engine is off, you have to push and turn left to completely shut down the car. But a lot of times it's stubborn and when I push and turn it won't budge.

    Another problem is with the shifter. It's really loose, I can shift between N and D without pushing the button. If someone were to move the shifter while I was driving it could suck a lot. A lot of times when I want drive it acts like it's in N, so I have to shift to my 2nd gear and THEN shift to D.

    My car makes some creaking noises also, when I turn or brake. Mechanic says it's the struts. My cousin has the same model/year camry as me, and when I ride in his car it makes the same creaking noises mine does. If all 92 Camry's suffer from creaking then I can live with it.

    There's some other minor stuff, like sometimes when I turn on my right blinker I hear this buzz/whirr noise coming from the right side. My blinker still turns on and my light works, so I'm not sure what that noise is.

    Oh, and he changed the tires on the car, but I'm not sure which ones. I drove around with the windows down and listened to the car, and it sounds like one of my tires is really sticky. Like someone wrapped a roll of tape around it and it's constantly leaving the pavement.

    So...I'm supposed to bring the car back in on Saturday to get some new buttons installed, but if you guys can suggest what to do, I'll try to get him to fix the stuff.

    The main things that are bugging me is the burning oil, the shifter and the key.

    Is it possible to fix the loose shifter on my own without taking the car apart?


    ps. I have no knowledge of cars

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    Umm.. from what you are saying about it burning oil, I would say it is rings, and if that's the case, it will not just go away.

    See, if oil pools in the bottom of the engine, that's the crankcase, and that's normal. If oil pools inside the cylinders, that means leaky valve seals, which would clear up within say an hour of running it.

    Now, the shifter.. it SHOULD slide between N and D without pushing the button, but it should take a little force to make it move.
    The buzz whirr noise when the signal is on, sounds sort of like it's the relay, and I can't think of anything else that would cause it.

    The key... well, it sounds like it's maybe a dirty ignition cylinder, but that is just a guess. My mom's 96 grand am did something like that, wouldn't let you turn the car off, it was some problem with a solenoid that locks off the 'start' position after hte car is running, it was jamming the ignition cylinder. Although I doubt that's the problem, it's just useless knowledge.
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