My sister was back in town this week and she brought along her newer car. While she was out I decided I would be the nice brother I am...and give her car a nice little detail. Hyundai has come a long way, I would even consider buying one of their vehicles if I wasn't so pretentious

After stripping everything away, I was extremely surprised of the condition of her paint, very little marring or damage of any sort :yikes: So I opted on trying some Poli-seal with a white LCC pad. She had a few scratches where I used a 4" b&s teal with 105/205. Afterwards it was topped with a nice coating of Colli 845.

Before(Driving up from Calgary(3h drive roughly))

Random scratches

Surprisingly very little metallic infestation?!?

I chose to use Riccardo yellow on this beaut.(randomly clean also)


More pictures can be seen here.

Thanks for looking,