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Thread: Speeding car hits tree and first garage, comes to rest in second garage

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    Default Speeding car hits tree and first garage, comes to rest in second garage

    Hey guys

    This is a weird one. Talked to both the cops and the fire dept., neither one gave a clear explanation how a car can hit one tree and two garages. I'm expecting a call back from the fire chief later today, will update if I get more info...



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    Emergency personnel responded to an accident early Monday morning that still has them scratching their heads. A car hit a tree on on a S.E. residential street, careened into a garage and came to rest inside the garage of a second residence.
    Around 1 a.m. the Calgary Fire Department responded to the 300 block of Sunmills Dr. S.E. for reports of a vehicle colliding with a house, its two occupants trapped inside.
    Upon arrival crews discovered two patients trapped inside a vehicle which had collided with a tree, travelled through an attached garage of a single family residence before penetrating and coming to rest inside an attached garage of a second residence.
    Fire personnel extricated two patients from the vehicle and transferred their care to Alberta Health Services.
    The Calgary Fire Department Heavy Rescue Team secured both structures.
    The occupants inside the two houses were uninjured and allowed to remain in their residences as damage was contained to the attached garages.
    The initial estimate of damage is $ 60,000.
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    The fire dept doesn't investigate - traffic unit does - but without serious injury or death - they aren't involved...

    My guess - it'll be speed and alcohol - that's usually the case after the sun goes down...

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    Is it me or does Sundance area have a large number of insane high speed crashes every few months or so?

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