Looks like I'll be out of town for most of the season now. All games up for grabs at face value ($37) or below (make an offer). But if you are requesting a premium game (you know the ones) then please take a couple of Tuesday-vs-St Louis-type games as well (or preseaon). First dibs to anyone willing to take a bunch or with creative trade ideas.

Sec 306 (Press Level 6), Row 5. Great seats as there is no row 4 and rows 1-3 are in front of the big walkway - so you are at the front of the section.

Four seats available, side-by-side. Take a pair or take all four.

Available for pickup in Bankview or can be sent by email (email comes from the Flames, not from me - but they charge an extra $2.50 per ticket for the service).

I might be back for a few weeks in Jan/Feb so I'd like to keep a few of those games or have the option to buy them back from you.

I will definitely be back for the inevitable epic playoff run this year so unfortunately those are not available.

Trade ideas... Hmmm... Just about anything...
- Pinball machine
- Ski villa rental in Fernie
- Boatload of lego for my son
- Web design / marketing expertise
- Off-the-grid bathroom construction at a little cabin