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    Hey Beyond,

    My friend's a VP for a student club at UofC and they've been nominated to be a part of the Blackberry Challenge via CampusPerks.


    Here’s how it works: Basically, they need as many people to vote for him so that CSS can win. They’re competing against a lot of other student clubs across Canada. Realistically, they probably won’t win the national level BUT they have a good chance of winning against the 3 other UofC clubs. If they do win for UofC, I believe they get a some Blackberries for the club as well as some possible funding for it.

    They're in dead last place at the moment because they were one of the last clubs to qualify so the other UofC clubs got a head start on them. I think the voting is only for a week (gonna ask to confirm) so I'm trying to help them spread the word!

    Please help by voting, voting can be done everyday. You have to make an account to vote, but an account can be made in about 30 seconds, you'll get an e-mail to confirm your account and you'll be good to go.

    Thank you
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