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    Default Battery or phone issue

    I have a blackberry curve and recently it's developed quite an interesting problem. My phone usually has one battery bar left on it at the end of the day (if I'm in a good reception area) so I always plug it in before bed. Once I plug it in I'll go and brush my teeth etc and come back to bed. When I check that my alarm is set I see that its charging and everything is good to go, yet when I wake up in the morning my phone will be completely dead. So dead that it won't do anything besides have the solid red light on.

    Usually I'll unplug it, plug it back in and try to start it up. It shows me a white screen with a battery and a lightning bolt through it. If I leave it for an hour or so after this it will charge up fully and be good to go.

    Is my battery toast and discharging itself over night as its plugged in or is my phone screwed?

    I'm not sure if its related but if I am ever in an area with bad reception (ie southern sask back country for work) my phone dies within 5 or 6 hours with little use.
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    definitely battery.

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