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Thread: Pulled Pork Recipes

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    I slow roast a pork roast in a crock pot. I then take the roast and shred it and then divide it into portions. If I make a big one I freeze some of the portions.

    I save the juices and what not from the slow roast and mix BBQ sauce with it (home made, store bought, don't matter to me). I usually do about 1/4 bbq sauce. When it comes time to prepare my pulled pork, I throw a portion or 2 into the sauce pan, pour some of the liquid and let it reduce. At the very end when it is near done I throw some BBQ sauce and mix it in and cook it for a little bit longer.

    Portions and frozen allow you to cook a bigger roast (which in my books seems to cook better) and you can have a snack whenever.

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    Hey, pulled pork newbie here.

    I bought a Pork Loin Shoulder half from Co-op, and I'm planning to do pulled pork for a couple people I have coming over on Saturday. I do not have a smoker, or a decent enough grill to do the smoked version unfortunately. Now I have a few questions,

    #1 - should I 'brine' my pork? I have lots of time before the party, so would that help to keep my pork nice and moist? Or will the bbq sauce do that for me?
    #2 - should I bother to concoct a rub and put it on my pork? I will be doing this with a slow cooker so I'm not sure if a rub works with that.
    #3 - should I sear my roast on all sides before putting it in the slow cooker, or just toss it in as is and let the slow cooker do its thing?

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    I haven't done this before but instead of brine maybe just inject some seasoning into it before you throw it in. also when smoking the common practice is to bring the internal temp up to 200 deg F,

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    ^^ I don't brine or sear.

    This is the rub I've been using and it's awesome.

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