OEM replacements, the same components that are used in the Toyota Lexus Kit.

Koyo Idler Bearing
Koyo Tensioner Bearing
Mitsuboshi Timing Belt

All for $140

Applicable engines:

Toyota Land Cruiser 1998-2007 2UZFE
Tundra 2000-2009 2UZFE
Sequoia 2001-2009 2UZFE
4 Runner 2003-2009 2UZFE
Lexus GS400 1998-2000 1UZFE
GS430 2001-2007 3UZFE
GX470 2003-2009 2UZFE
LS400 1998-2000 1UZFE
LS430 2001-2006 3UZFE
LX470 1998-2007 2UZFE
SC400 1998-2000 1UZFE
SC430 2001-2009 3UZFE

Save some cash on your next timing belt replacement on this interference motor.