Since my last soarer got rear ended and written off Ive been looking for a clean body to swap my 5 speed and LSD into and i think i found one but its got a problem that i cant figure out.

It clicks every time you have the gas pedal at around the half way point that sounds like a tin can with BB's in it or like an electronic BBQ igniter going tic tic tic behind the dash he says. Ive never heard of such a problem before so I'm here to see if anybody has any ideas what the problem could be. I haven't bought the car yet but would like to know what the problem could be before i buy. Thanks

Car Specs
- 1991 Toyota Soarer
- Automatic
- 100,000 KM's
- Also speedo doesn't work till after 150 km/h
- Claims to have always used 94 octane fuel

Thats all i know for now.