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    Default FS: Old School Shaving Supplies and a starter Kit

    Moving onto straight razors so selling some of my spare double edged razors and supplies and a starter kit as well.

    Starter Kit:
    Gillette User Grade adjustable
    Parker Silvertip Brush
    1912 GEM Single Edge Razor
    10 Gem Razor Blades
    RazoRock Zi Peppini
    Astra SP Blades (15)
    Gillette Yellow Blades (15)
    Personna Platinum Chrome Blades (10)
    Personna Stainless Steel Blades (8)
    Misc Blades sampler
    TH 1805, GFT Violet, EJ Sea Buckthorn AS lotion Samples
    Art of Shaving Lavender
    Geo F Trumper Lime

    Slim adjustable very good condition L3
    A couple pin marks on the head no brassing anywhere

    Gillette Adjustable Aristocrat with case and blades
    Excellent to mint bought this to have a cased razor but not much of a collector
    Case is cracked at the back but still in very good shape

    W&B 13/16 with Ivory Scales “Monday” of a 7 day set scales are mint blade has a bit of patina has a nice smile to the blade. It says "Hollow Ground" on the blade but more a half hollow ground. It isn't shave ready.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions
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