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Thread: RV Camping; Tips, tricks & repairs

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    Spent the last few days working on bedding for my teardrop camper:

    - 5 hours of cutting material
    - 15 hours of thread injecting
    - 2 hours of cutting foam
    - 1 hour of stuffing the foam into the mattress covers

    I could have gone the easy route and just toss a mattress in there, but I wanted something I could tuck away so I could use the rest of the trailer to haul coolers, chairs, etc and not on top of what I was sleeping on. I ended up coming up with a tri-fold (quadrafold?) mattress design that would fit under the rear table top.

    The extra pad on top extends the mattress to the curved wall so I get a 9" more inches of head space. The mattress measures 6.5' long.

    Up next: redesign the cabinets and add some electrical.

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    I like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtsniffer View Post
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    What's the bulb trim? I think I'll redo the sides and top for sure. I do have the gutter above and it seems to work well. When i folded up the door I could see a ton of light around the bottom hinge area.

    Attachment 92616
    Attachment 92617
    One other idea, I did this on mine. Itís Ďvinyl base trimí that has a nice lip. Attached with caulk, stretches and has worked really well..


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