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    Default 2005 WRX Wagon

    When Subaru first introduced the STI to North America back in 2004 I fell in love with it instantly. An STI in World Rally Blue was my dream car growing up, however as I got older I realized that STI's aren't very practical and are also quite expensive to buy and operate. I really liked the WRX wagons however, as you get a similar package to the STI, mechanically, but in a much more practical configuration. 2005 has always been my favorite model year as it has the best style of headlights of any Impreza, and it has the updated interior over the 2004.

    About 2 years ago I bought a 1995 Subaru Legacy L Wagon for $2100 and I loved it, just a great car. However it wasn't in the greatest shape, the interior was crappy, and it was sloooooooow. When it died I was actually looking to replace it with an Outback. I thought about getting a WRX wagon but I didn't think it would happen as they are super rare, especially low mileage un-molested ones.

    Therefore when I was browsing Kijiji one morning and saw this one come up; low mileage, bone stock, my favorite colour and model year, and a great price; I knew I had to go take a look. I went to check it out at lunch, had it inspected that afternoon, and drove away with it the next day.

    Below is a picture of it the first day I picked it up.

    My plan is to keep it very close to stock, both mechanically and aesthetically, as I want it to continue to be a reliable daily driver for years to come, and also to maintain re-sale value as I know from experience how hard un-molested wagons are to find in this city. I may change a few things here and there so check back in the future!


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    Within the first couple weeks of owning the car I made a few minor changes.

    I bought and installed a Curt 1 1/4" bolt-on hitch and a Swagman hitch mounted bike rack. I'm a big fan of hitch mounted bike racks as it keeps the bikes outside and away from the car so no worries about mud/scratches, and better than a roof mounted bike rack because you don't have to lift the bikes up high to put them on.

    I then bought a set of the factory roof rack cross beams off a beyonder and installed those, allowing me to mount my roof pod. And I also removed the stock intake resonator because I like to hear the turbo spool up

    In early October I then took it on a trip down to Utah, drove over 4000kms there and back and not a single problem, car performed flawlessly.

    Here's a photo of it fully loaded up with the bike rack and roof pod just outside of SLC.

    And here's a photo of her in Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah.

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