My laptop doesn't accept this RAM, so before I send it back for credit, maybe someone might be interested and save me the waiting of getting the credit. I have one stick of PNY 256MB PC133 sodimm laptop ram and one stick of 128MB of the same brand and speed. It arrived last week and haven't used it since once I found out my laptop's a bit picky with it's ram. I've tested this on my sister's iBook, so it *does* in fact work.

256MB RAM - $80

128MB RAM - $20

Yes, I know the 128MB stick is selling for $17.97, but that's after mail-in rebate and I paid $27.97. If you want to buy this stick, I'm pretty much giving you it for the price after rebate. I'm pretty firm on the prices for both sticks, since I can send them both back for store credit, so any lowballers don't waste my time. And if you are interested, you are more than welcome to test it out on your laptop before purchasing. Just make sure it uses 144 pin PC133 SODIMM ram.

Any interest, let me know immediately or else I'm sending it out.