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    Default New Build, Upgrades, Renovations, etc..

    I'm in the process of considering/pricing out a new build and after reading through the 'What do you wish you had in your house thread' there were quite a few things I can across that I didn't consider having in a new house.

    After visiting some showhomes and becoming overwhelmed with options I'm trying to figure out what the 'best' upgrades options are on a new build from a resale viewpoint. I will definately be including the features I want but as I go through this process I would like to know what are usually the best upgrades when I'm looking to sell. Where is the best value? So in general I'd like to here everyone's thoughts who have went through this process.

    A few specific questions though.

    When it comes to a lot is a $47,000 premium worth it going for a lot that is a walkout onto green space over a regular lot? Keep in mind I'm asking from a resale point of view. Would I ever recover this when reselling 10 years down the road?

    Would it be better to go with a 3000 sq ft home (2 storey) with an undeveloped basement or go with a 2500 sq ft home (2 storey) with a developed basement from the builder. These are coming in at the same price.

    Would you prefer a lot that backed onto a road or backed onto another home/yard?

    Does direction of the home really matter come resale? Personally I prefer to have the sun on my deck in the evening. Not sure what the norm is here but it seems like certain lots get picked up quickly because of the direction.

    If anyone has any thoughts/advice it would be greatly appreciated. This would be my first time buiding so I'm sure there will be more questions that all be posting and I appreciate any advice/suggestions given.

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    Do not ever get your basement built by the builder. They will take you for a stupid amount of money.
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    Default Re: New Build, Upgrades, Renovations, etc..

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    Set a budget and stick to it (good luck!). If its a limited budget then use it wisely on stuff that you cant change later like higher ceilings on main floor or in basement, extra windows, lot location, or anything structural. If the builder doesn't have any specials wait it out, they almost alway have free granite/hardwood/landscaping/etc.

    And like said before you really only hold power until the contract is signed. After that good luck haha.

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    What I think about upgrades:

    - wire for sound throughout the home and include the back deck. I also wired for video distribution throughout the house (using an HDMI matrix you can have PS3, XBOX, and your PVR on any TV in the house).
    - 9 foot ceilings in the basement.
    - granite countertops in the kitchen and master ensuite - other baths aren't necessary (and the laundry most certainly doesn't need granite).
    - Use pocket doors where they make sense (to laundry, toilet room, and walk-in closet are the most obvious). The space and flow you achive is really nice to have.
    - I also put mirrors on both sides of the pocket door to the walk-in closet - I couldn't do without it now.
    - Don't waste money on a fancy toilet. I also don't think expensive plumbing fixtures are worth it.
    - Install pot-lighting rather than hanging fixtures. The exceptions are bedrooms, nook/dining room, and foyer (where either type of lighting works in my opinion).
    - Stick to a fairly basic fireplace. Most buyers just want to see one - it doesn't matter how fancy it is.
    - I think many people prefer Duradeck to a standard wood deck.
    - I tried to have something interesting in each room of the house. Some of the things I did: crown moulding in the master bedroom and wainscoting in the den and theatre room, stone pillars in the kitchen/great room, coffered ceilings in the living room, a full wood bar with wood accents downstairs, walk-in closet in one of the spare bedrooms, etc... When you go to sell, the buyers will have a wow item to appreciate in every room. Get creative!

    I'll also add that I think you should go with the bigger house and finish the basement later. When you go to sell, having a 3000 sqft house will start you out at a higher price point from the get go.
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