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    Default Android Vehicle Integration Thread

    I've been reading snippets here and there about Android being integrated into cars for years now, but there hasn't been a substantial roadmap or any serious roll out schedule reported anywhere.

    Has anyone seen any sources on this lately? I think it's the obvious next step for automakers... why not take advantage of Google's open Android infrastructure (which becoming more mature by the day), and use it as a navigation/media hub for their cars? Much like what Amazon did when they built the Android based Kindle platform.

    It almost seems like a no-brainer... the car can tether to the driver's smartphone for Internet access, and who wouldn't rather have Google Maps over the shitty navigation software that even the best cars have out there? It'd also sync up with your contact list and all the media you have on your phone or on the cloud.

    If anyone sees any development on this front post it here!

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    Believe there's some integration happening already - my car's radio syncs via bluetooth to my Android and makes all of my Android's contacts available via the radio. Can also access the call lists when the vehicle is not moving and the handsfree/voice recognition via the radio is amazing (2012 Chev Sonic). My daughter's iPod also syncs via bluetooth and all of the audio media on it is available via the radio.

    A Ford Edge I rented recently also had great bluetooth syncing - as far as the vehicle's unit utilizing Google maps via a bluetooth tether to a phone, haven't heard of that yet but certainly it's not unimaginable.
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    Audi has started to do integration with Google and google maps starting the 3G+ MMI and Audi 2G and 3G MMI already can grab contacts off phone and do voice dial on its own.

    I don't think AOC offer that wireless data portion of 3G+ yet. Probably couldn't find a good wireless network partner. They partner with T-Mobile in the US.

    I doubt a full Android architecture or app structure will be used. But like Audi, I'm sure they will pick bits and pieces to integrate.
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    Just grabbing contacts and voice dialling is nothing exciting. Most aftermarket decks do that.

    Full Android support would be using most of the apps and whatever you have on your phone through the dash which would be amazing. There's been a few decks that use the phone as the deck.

    But car manufacturers wanna keep selling $2500 Nav systems and "premium" packages so I doubt anyone will do it anytime soon.

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