If a Scion group ever gets created this can be moved :p

My new 2012 Scion IQ, amazing how so much awesome can be squeezed into such a small package.

Day 1!

First drive

I can fit four in my standard garage with ease!

Then mods started...

It's final look until next season comes around

- Full Matte Wrap
- Flat black graphics on bumpettes, lower doors, around side windows
- Tint on all five, 23%
- Smoke out headlights and taillights
- Yellowed Fogs
- Euro color matched side view mirrors
- 17" BBS wheels with Micheline Super Sport tires
- Passport JDM Pink anodized lug nuts
- Lowered on TRD springs
- TRD rear sway bar
- Rear deck lid spoiler

- Renee