Hey all,
As you may have read I have posted a few reviews to so. I mainly wanted to use them as test runs to see how people reacted to the format. Some of the feedback I have heard is:

-more categories
-more standard cost reporting
-more detail regarding rationale for ratings

I am going to modify my format a bit and continue with reviews as follows:

Brief info regarding restraunt, name, location food type ect.

-based on food only after tip and tax and a short description of what was purchased

Food Rating x/5
-and a short comment on how good the food was and why it got the rating it did, note that i will try my best to rate it in relation to other like food genres, i.e. Viet vs. Viet as opposed to Viet vs. Burgers

Ambiance x/5
-and a short comment on atmosphere

Service x/5
-perhaps an example of the service and a rating rationale

Value Adder x/5
-a "tilt" sort of rating to compare the dining experience to all others taking into account all of the above ratings as well as an overall value for the dollar
-note this is not an average of the above three

Total x/20
-a sum of the 4 ratings

I will use this method going forward unless anyone would like to see anything more (or less). Please respond to this thread and I will accomidate any requests to change this structure.