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Thread: Loblaws Buying Shoppers Drug Mart

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    Default Loblaws Buying Shoppers Drug Mart

    Loblaws is becoming quite the powerhouse. First T & T Supermarkets and now Shoppers Drug Mart. Wonder if they have a stock to invest in.

    Loblaw Cos. Ltd. announced Monday an agreement to buy Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. for $12.4-billion in cash and stock. The Loblaw deal, which gives the company a dominant presence in urban core markets – no-go zones for big-box retailers – means downtowners who use Shoppers as their local convenience store will be able to stock up on President’s Choice cookies while getting a PC Financial bank account

    Originally posted by GTS Jeff
    You know those bored stay at home moms who's entire lives revolve around driving their kids to soccer, various cleaning accessories, and worrying about neighbourhood rapists? The kind of people that watch the View and go "uh huh..." Those unfulfilled people who try to fill the void in their empty lives by writing whiny letters to the editor complaining about shit that no one really cares about?

    Well imagine if instead of writing that letter to the editor, she just posts on a car forum for car enthusiasts. That's Kritafo.

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    Default Re: Loblaws Buying Shoppers Drug Mart

    Originally posted by dj_rice
    Wonder if they have a stock to invest in.

    Yes it is traded on the TSX under the symbol L:


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    Haha, I didn't even read the quote or article and the first thing I thought of was PC oatmeal cookies in Shoppers now.

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    Don't forget law firms as well

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