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    Some 150 employees out of a team of about 230 were let go in January at the Las Vegas facility that gets tens of thousands of Model 3s into the hands of U.S. and Canadian buyers, they said, in a sign the company expected the pace of deliveries to significantly slow in the near term.

    The cuts, which have not been previously reported, could fuel investor worries that demand for the Model 3 in the United States has tailed off after a large tax break for consumers expired last year and the car remains too expensive for most consumers.

    Tesla has said its focus this quarter is on supplying cars to customers waiting in China and Europe.

    “There are not enough deliveries,” one of the former employees told Reuters. “You don’t need a team because there are not that many cars coming through.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtrema View Post
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    You're not looking at that the right way, that's growth.
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    Once again another useless post by JRSCOOLDUDE.
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    Don't let the e-thugs and faggots get to you when they quote your posts and write stupid shit.

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    It is Tesla... Trivial Things like Strong Sales or Pesky Profits have nothing to do with Solid Success!

    The most important thing is they made the news with something they can spin as positive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rx7boi View Post
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    Question for you. If it's been volatile so far, why stop now?

    Curious minds want to know.
    I did something a little different for tracking when to buy/sell Tesla stock starting about 2 years ago. I analyzed owners and investor sentiment on forums, reddit, twitter and other social platforms where Tesla fans are active and looked for shifts in their thinking. Surprisingly, there were a lot of early warning signals that could be used to predicted large movement of the price of the stock because bloggers/journalists were using the same data to write negative/positive pieces. TSLA is a very emotional stock, lots of investors move their money in and out of the stock based on emotion, overreactions and not fundamentals.

    With that said, why did I stop in Q4 last year? The sentiment has shifted significantly towards the negative. You have Tesla superfan boys criticizing the company. Bloggers and journalists are writing more negative articles. It became much harder to predict where the needle was going to move. You can have negative news and the stock goes up, positive news where the stock goes down. Many of the movements are coin tosses.
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