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    Default FS: 2001 Impala LS w/stereo

    $16500 CAN


    2001 Impala LS

    Royal Blue
    3.8L Engine
    4 Door
    Aluminum Alloy Rims
    Heated Side Mirrors
    Power: Driver Seat,doors,windows
    Keyless Entry
    Overhead Console
    Traction Control System

    Dealer maintained, 2 owners.

    Clarion 835 Motorized Deck w/removable Face plate-728 color display,MP3/WMA playback, Remote control, 7 Year warrenty.

    Infinity 6-1/2 powered by Rockford 150s
    Infinity 6x9 powered by deck
    2x10" Pioneer IMPP powered by Sony Explode 760Watt
    2x10" sealed box
    All components Professionally Installed

    Pictures comming soon!
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