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Thread: FS: 15" MacBook Pro - Intel i5 - 2.4GHz, 8 GB Ram, 320 GB HD (mid 2010)

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    Default FS: 15" MacBook Pro - Intel i5 - 2.4GHz, 8 GB Ram, 320 GB HD (mid 2010)

    $1000 SOLD

    Up for grabs is my Mid 2010 MacBook Pro.

    I am the original owner since day 1 of this machine.
    I immediately upgraded the memory to 8GB.

    I went from a 13" Macbook to this 15" MBP, but found that I never took it out of the house, so it has seen limited trips away, always in a case, etc. I am upgrading to a desktop iMac model.

    It has clear film on the palm-rests since day 1 and I've always had a rubber keyboard protector on it, so no worn keys, greasy, keys, etc.

    It looks like new. Never dropped, abused, and if you don't get the idea, I take great care of my electronics. You could put this in the store next to a newer model MacBook Pro and not notice the difference. Also comes with original box, packaging, etc.

    Roughly a year ago I had Apple replace the motherboard on this computer due to a known issue by Apple. It was a $800 repair that was covered for free outside of the original warranty. Have a smile on your face knowing that a known issue with this model was taken care of and parts were replaced by Apple technicians. I see this as a benefit of this laptop, not a hinderance, kind of like having a timing belt replaced on a used car. Less issues in the future.

    PU: Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB Hard Drive: 320 GB
    Video card: GeForce GT330M Operating
    System: OS Mavericks
    Software: Can come as a blank slate, or I can load software on as well. I'm an IT Tech. so have no problem getting you up and running if you need a bit of training.

    The battery has only 77 charge cycles meaning it was drained and re-charged this many times._ Most computers of this generation are probably on their 2nd battery, or around 250 cycles.

    I will add in one of the Herschel Cases that I have for sale as a bonus

    Located in Bankview SW.

    Note: Price is obo, please be respectful and provide proof of other prices you've seen around if you plan to offer less. The market depicts pricing, so please offer a source
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