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Thread: Random Construction Questions (Electrical, Plumbing ect)

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    Default Random Construction Questions (Electrical, Plumbing ect)

    Hey guys,

    Parents bought a new place and I am going to help out with the basement development as my dad helped me out when I bought mine. I am very handy and we do everything ourselves, and my basement was built to code, so we are looking to do the same with my parent's.

    I will probably keep posing questions in here as they come up, but I have two right off the bat that I hope someone can answer.

    1. Electrical - Currently there is a 6/3 300V cable going to a part of the basement for the dryer. We are planning to relocate the laundry room into a different corner of the basement, and in the existing location my dad would like to built a sauna. We have previously had a sauna in their old place and he pulled his old cabling out, which is 6/2 300V cable. Is it okay to use the existing 6/3 300V cable in place of the 6/2 300V cable for the sauna so that we can run a new 6/3 cable for the dryer instead to it's new location? I understand that the only difference between the 6/3 and the 6/2 is the fact that 6/3 has 3 6 gauge cables inside vs 6 on the 6/2 cable, if I just leave the one cable disconnected that would be okay by code? Don't know if it makes any difference but the 6/2 cable my dad used before was red and the existing 6/3 cable is white.

    2. Plumbing - Right by the furnace there is a 3 inch drain pipe sticking out about a foot out of concrete. Currently there is a ghetto connection from the furnace itself into the side of this drain pipe for I assume condensation runoff or something. My question is, does this drain already have a water lock beneath the concrete, or do I have to put a waterlock for the two devices I want to connect to it (sink + washing machine). For the sink I would put a waterlock anyways as that's how it's always done I think, but for the washing machine runoff I am not sure. Plan is to stick one of these on top of the 3" drain pipe

    , cap off the top, and then have two input lines into it from the two devices. Does this all sound correct and to code. Does it hurt to put another waterlock? Also, there is a vent pipe in other part of the house, I don't need to do anything regarding venting at this drain location right?

    Thank you in advance, more questions to come as we move along!

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    In terms of electrical. Your question regarding 6/3 vs 6/2, providing #6awg is capable of handling the load (in this case the sauna) then there is no issue using it. If the sauna requires 240v then the conductors should be black and red, if 120v the conductors should be black and white, the white being the neutral, you can use white vinyl tape to mark the conductor if needed. The colour of the wire isn't a make it or break it deal usually, except in terms of identifying the neutral.

    Make sure you pull all the proper permits! Although I don't know them off the top of my head there are specific code rules for pools, hot tubs, and spas, and I'm not sure where a sauna specifically fits in there. Save yourself and future owners of the home a giant headache, pull permits and have it all inspected!
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    ^This.... the permit process is easy too, and it's very nice to know that a qualified inspector is going to make sure you're not going to end up burning down your house. Also, TDMM told me that not having the permits is grounds to deny insurance in the event of a claim.

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