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    Default Badlands Motorsports Drag-in-Laps Plan

    This is something we have come up with for those with an interest in Drag Racing. It's like Pro-Solo autocross on a much grander scale:

    As we tweak the final design, a Third track layout has been created by Alan Wilson that could be run independently using its own small paddock. It would likely not be used for continuous lapping but could be used for single lap driver education, time trials and a Competition called Drag-in-Laps that is currently being done at NOLA in Louisiana.

    The Drag-in-Laps competition is similar to SCCA Pro-Solo events but instead of a Drag Tree launch with a 200 foot long straight that leads to an Autocross course, the Drag-in-Laps competition is on a much larger scale as there would be times given for 60 foot, 1/8th mile, mile, and the entire course. Cars would likely be put out one at a time or possibly side by side, with the powerful cars getting the advantage down the straight and the handling cars making time up in the road course section. Suitable cars that can handle well could be able to take the first corner full out even if they can exceed 125mph in the mile.

    Note that after the course was virtually ran using data from actual cars, a Box/Bus stop had to be added as it was calculated that a Porsche GT3 Cup Car would be over 250 km/hr at the end of the long straight and more powerful cars would be faster. This makes the long left hander very fast and would be nearly flat out in many cars resulting in an extremely high and very heavy braking zone. This would be a safety issue with some very fast cars and Sport Bikes, so the bus stop could be a requirement if it proves too fast to run without it in some cases.

    A picture of this is on our facebook page.

    Badlands Motorsports Resort

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    Very glad to see you guys incorporating a 1/4 mile, even if it isn't NHRA!!! I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't April-1st yet
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