Edmonton FR-S/ BRZ/86 (Owners Club) presents an exciting track day at Castrol Raceway.

YEG 86 Track day will join Track Junkies in a separate run group to drive with other 86 members.

High Performance Driving Event programs are an amazing opportunity for participants to greatly improve one’s abilities, car control and develop new techniques with each event. The open track is the safest place to enjoy pushing your driving abilities to the limit while also meeting with other car enthusiasts. The main objective of HPDE is for learning, fun and safety in a track environment.

Track Junkies is Alberta’s premier open-marque performance driving program.
- On track Marshalling, Medical and Safety crew to provide a safe and enjoyable event
- Well organized and on the schedule to allow you maximum seat time on the track
- Different run groups for different levels of drivers
- Controlled environment to experience improve and maximize yourself and your cars potential
- Instruction and coaching are available upon request
Here is the info of the event.

Date: September 12 (8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.)

Location: Castrol Raceway Edmonton

Fee: $295 per driver (must requirement for novice instruction waived)
$395 novice driver (included 1 on 1 instructions)

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Track Junkie also welcomes anyone to join High Performance driving in different run groups.